The Tetrahedron Culture Instrument ("TCI")

A Powerful Tool to Measure and Assess the Culture of Your Organization

The TCI is the first instrument of its kind to give a full, accurate three dimensional view of an organization's culture. This tool helps you attract and retain talent, become more innovative and ultimately more competitive.

The TCI is designed to help organizations:

Culture is Three Dimensional.

There are no opposites. Each piece affects the other. The idea of the T.C.I. is to understand how each element of culture interacts with the other in order to build a strong structure.

What are the 4 triangles of culture and how do they interact?

The four triangles are :

Each element affects the others and by measuring the whole you can get a complete snapshot of your organization I

Is your organization a green tetrahedron?

It's all about culture. Period. It doesn't matter whether you are talking about leadership, innovation, diversity, change-management, training, quality improvement/assurance, engagement, sales, delivery, customer service, communication, etc., it is all about culture. Look out the window any evening. There go 90% of your assets leaving the building. Are they working in an environment that is creating top performers?