Stay Interviews

A Retention Strategy for Innovative Organizations

Did you know that 78% of all people leave their jobs because of some type of workplace conflict whil only 7% leave for more money?  Finding out if there is an issue before it becomes a crisis is the key to helping to improve your organization and lower turnover.   

Exit Interviews versus Stay Interviews.

People are not always truthful in exit interviews because theydon’t want to burn bridges.  Also, initially it can be difficult to have interal people conduct stay interviews because of potential trust issues within the organization.  We help you conduct and institute stay interviews so you can find out the real issues that are hurting your organization.  Our patented stay Interview process focuses as much on following up with the answers as it does in asking the questions.  Stay interviews are a great tool to:

Why Do They Stay?

The degree to which people stay in their organizations is strongly related to being provided with what they really want. What people want hasn’t changed much over time. The top three retention drivers (over a long period of time) are:

The most positive and proactive approach to finding out what people want is to ask them while they are still there. Stay interviews are a great tool to have regular discussion meetings to chart progress on your relationship, development, the work, the work environment and how things are going in general. This can easily be done as part of the performance review process. This process will also help you get a good grip on your organizational culture and your employees’ needs.

Let us help you develop those great conversations that you can use to both build a great culture and retain the talent you need to compete.