Strategic Planning - The Appreciative Inquiry Approach

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative inquiry is based on a simple premise – when you focus on the positive you get positive results. It is not a secret that people and organizations move in the direction of what they focus on. For example, when groups study problems and conflicts, they often find that the problems continue to grow and multiply. When we focus on achievements, best practices, and great accomplishments, these also flourish. Thus, appreciative inquiry deliberately focuses on positive questions to inspired positive action. This is our approach and our belief and it is a powerful tool for strategic planning.

How to Use Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative inquiry differs from traditional problem-solving approaches that people and organizations are fundamentally “broken” and need to be fixed. In contrast, the underlying assumption of appreciative inquiry is to not only identify potential issues but also find the treasures that reside in both people and organizations. By recognizing the great assets in an organization that are waiting to be located, affirmed, and encouraged, you create a positive and engaged culture.

How Can You Use Appreciative Inquiry for Building a Positive Culture

  1. Discover and value what you do
  2. Vision where you can go
  3. Design in collaboration; and
  4. Build the future.