We Literally Wrote the Book on Retention and Engagement

An organization is only as good as the people who work there.  There is and always will be a talent shortage of top performers.  It does not matter if the person is a senior executive or drives a truck, top performers will always be in demand.   Here are some questions to ask yourself:

The Real Cost of Turnover

It has been estimated that turnover costs an organization 150% of a person's annual salary .  In other words, if a person earns $50,000 a year, the cost to replace that person is $75,000 in terms of both hard costs (recruiters, ads, etc.) and soft costs (lost productivity, training time, etc.).  At the same time,

Is Your Culture a 'Green Light'?

We developed the Tetrahedron Culture Instrument (T.C.I.) to help you measure and understand what culture you have and pinpoint where to put your resources for maximum return on investment.  The T.C.I. is a powerful tool to help you create and measure an effective talent management strategy.

We literally wrote the book on best practices of retention. Let us put our expertise and experience to work to help you.