Using Challenge Action Result (C.A.R.)™ to Measure Your Accomplishment to ensure Career Resilience

 Every employee gets a job description of duties, responsibilities and expectations, what the employee accomplishes within those guidelines will set them apart.  This is ‘Me Inc.’!

 If you were to participate in an internal or external review tomorrow could you answer the following questions?

 What was your number one accomplishment in the last year?

  1. Name the top 2 projects you have contributed to in the last year; what exactly was your role and what was the end result of each project?
  2. Think of an example when you were instrumental in contributing a new idea, process or system to the corporation you currently work for?

 The Benefits of a person keeping track of their C.A.R. statements in an Accomplishment Journal:

When you are tracking your performance and not just doing your job, you become resilient with an entrepreneurial attitude. You are no longer frozen in fear of the next cut but a fully participating contributor that relies on your performance to stay employed – not the organization’s good will.

Click here for the CAR (Challenge Action Result) Exercise